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How to start using ObjectiveEd with your students


(6) During your student session, explain how to use ObjectiveEd.


Remember, ObjectiveEd reinforces your direct instruction between your sessions.


You are the key to a student’s success with ObjectiveEd. 


Ensure the student  practices regularly - that's needed to ensure improvement.

(7) Monitor your student's progress regularly.

(8) Adjust the skills as your student displays mastery (or difficulty). To ensure your student is engaged, keep them challenged, but not frustrated!

(9) Make sure that Sky Runner is enabled (if appropriate) as a reward game and your student understands how to play with their virtual pet.

(1) Bookmark the login page in your browser:

(2) Login using Welcome email link or press Reset Your Password

(3) Watch training videos found at /training

(4) Review user guides as needed: /user-guides

(5) Begin by assigning ObjectiveEd’s pre-made skills for your student to work on. You can create your own skills or edit ObjectiveEd’s skills to be more appropriate for your student as you become more familiar with the system.

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